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Dry Eyes

Many of us suffer from dry eyes, due to aging and frequent computer use. This is due to insufficient tear production as we age, as well as decreased blinking while reading, or looking at a screen. Dry eyes can cause an irritated feeling, blurred vision, and even pain in the eyes. Rarely dry eyes can be associated with autoimmune disorders. Though there is not a cure for dry eyes, here are some suggestions on how to deal with this aggravating problem.

  • use “artificial tear” eye drops frequently, not just when your eyes feel dry. Preservative free drops are better, because often the preservative can cause an irritated feeling in the eyes.
  • limit screen time when possible. Blink a lot when using screen or reading.
  • use a humidifier in the winter.
  • avoid fans, air conditioner on the face. Wear sunglasses outdoors.
  • remove makeup at night. Makeup can block tear ducts.
  • drink lots of water to help with tear production.
  • get enough sleep, so eyes are closed more and dry out less
  • fish oil (2-3 G per day) can help in women
  • consider punctal plugs (very helpful) or Restasis (helpful in limited cases)